TAO  Self-Defence Is An Effective Form Of Stopping An Attacker.  TAO's  bio-mechanical techniques are very effective and powerful, they can stop an attacker but should only be used as a last resort. TAO teaches usable applications, as well as improving your reflexes and spacial awareness.

Optimum Health

TAO Is Much More Than Simply Self-Defence, TAO will not only add years onto your life, but also life onto your years! The system is designed to enhance health, prevent disease and stimulate positive changes in the body and brain. Allowing people to live healthier for longer.

Personal Development

TAO Promotes Personal Development On Many Levels,  Your personal development can be seen in your improved health, respect for others, self confidence, a sense of achievement and your ongoing drive to improve yourself and your abilities both in your day to day life and during training.

For Kids

TAO Is A Perfect Martial Art For Kids!  TAO provides children with physical exercise, a chance to gain self confidence, an opportunity to interact with others, and worthwhile lessons in self-defence in a fun and safe environment encouraging respect for others.

For Adults

TAO Is A Perfect Martial Art For Adults!  TAO is for those who want to learn real-life, practical self-defence skills and achieve a greater level of health and well-being developing endurance and a higher level of fitness, flexibility, speed and strength, while developing in a friendly environment.

For Everyone

TAO Is A Perfect Martial Art For Everyone!  TAO is a  martial art which means that everyone can develop at their own pace with the support of their instructors and fellow students. The challenge of personal progression .

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