Martial  Arts / Self Defence

Samantha Thompson  – 5 star

Absolutely amazing club, great instructor, really can't recommend highly enough.

Nicky Kyte   5 star

Great club, great instructor my two are learning so much


First class had at Tao Dragons tonight. Great fun, great teacher. Can't wait to go back next week :-) Definitely recommend it.


Claire Richardson

Start something new, feel confident, know how to protect yourself. For adults and kids. Can't recommend it enough, Bella loves it and so do I!



Patricia Davis

A good teacher doesn't tell you what to do ,they show you what to do-leading by example.

Mark is a highly qualified instructor who leads by example ,possessing the patience of a saint. He teaches with the perfect balance of discipline and good humour making the lessons interesting and challenging ,but above all fun!

Opportunities to improve overall fitness and strength,enhance mental awareness and develop self confidence alongside learning relevant self defence techniques are offered in every class,so that I always leave having achieved something and eager to learn more.Learning is a gift ,  Even Pain is your Teacher 



Sarah Gerry         ‎

Hi Mark Fisher, Josh really enjoyed your class on sun at woodlands rustington. I was really impressed with how you taught these little ones ages 3-6 and look forward to seeing you on sun


Fiona Slade

I have classes twice weekly now & I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to improve not only their fitness levels but also their confidence too. I have learnt & improved on things that I weren't sure were possible. But with determination & perseverance the is always a way. Your classes they have helped me a lot & still do much appreciated ! As always.

Kathy Fitchet

Mark Fisher, Thank You for coming to run the Self defence workshop .

Zoe found  it really helpful and I thought it was great .

Hope she will never have to put your tips to use but at least she is prepared and going off to South America for a year is now less of a worry for me .

Wendy Hudson

Martial Arts are amazing i can certainly say my core is alot stronger than it ever was before i started .Pop along to Tao Dragons Martial arts if you want to find out what its all about .

Ladies Self Defence

Joanne Kyte

Amazing instructor really brought my fitness levels and confidence back x

Claire Richardson

Great class! 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ feel like I've learnt so much today. Thanks Mark John Fisher

It was brilliant thank you, realistic and I feel more confident already

Tao Bo Fitness   

Louise Egerton

Had a great time tonight

Really enjoyed Tao BO Combat Fitness Workout tonight ladies

Susie Bartholomew

Another Great class tonight :-) xx

We had a great time, Amy was full of it tonight.lol xx

Brenda Lynch

Thanks for a great class very much enjoyed see you next week. xx

Hayley Bartholemew

Really good fitness class, you can have a laugh and feel as if you have done a good workout  at the same time !  Definitely worth trying out and a fun way to lose weight and feel better about yourself ! 

Jill Haynes TAO BO Fitness – 5 star

I'm 70 and love doing this and the people are very friendly plus you can push yourself as much as you like with NO PRESSURE .....

Helen Blizzard  TAO BO Fitness – 5 star

very good for any level of fitness. you get fit and have fun at the same time :)