Workshops, Events & Holiday Clubs

We are looking at running various workshops over the Easter half term 2 weeks. Are you looking to keep your little monkeys occupied or come and try

for your self.

Everyone welcome.

£5 per hour  1 week. (5 days of 2 hours ) £42. Payment in advance to secure the venue.  Please let me know your thoughts.

Each day is 2 hours 1 hour per activity below.


Shield drills.

Pad work.


Light sabre workshop

Board breaking



Circuit training

Core strength

Self defence

Weapons defence

Contact for info 07950031280


Tao Workshops 

Every month or so we invite Instructors from various aspects of Martial Arts , Self Defence ,

Fitness & Well being

to share their skills and knowledge for hands on experience

Open to Everyone All ages and abilities




Jiu Jitsu Wortkshop

Chi Kung

Light Sabre Jedi Training 

Bo staff /Stick fighting

Kubotan /Key Ring defence tool


Flexibilty /  Strength 

Plus many others

Events coming soon

Anti Bullying Self Defence workshop

Jiu Jitsu workshop


Dream Fitness

64 High Street, PO21 Bognor Regis

We have the pleasure of another awesome workshop to offer

We have Someone coming in to Instruct and demonstrate JuJitsu Techniques


basic grappling, starting with falls moving onto throws and arm locks, then throws into arm locks.

The cost of this workshop is £5

Martial Arts Board Breaking workshop

Dream Fitness

64 High Street, PO21 Bognor Regis

Nunchucka Weapons Class